Malignant neoplasms of the respiratory system as a problem of nowadays

Keywords: malignant neoplasms of the respiratory system, cancer of the trachea, bronchi, lungs, morbidity, mortality.


Annotation. Respiratory malignancies (RM) have become one of the most serious threats to public health. For both Ukraine and other countries, this disease is not only a medical but also a social problem. The aim of the study is to analyze the literature on the provision of cancer care in Ukraine and the epidemiological features of RM among the adult population. The materials were domestic and foreign scientific literature, legal documents, as well as medical and statistical data of the National Cancer Registry. Research methods: information-analytical, comparative content analysis. RM is one of the serious diseases that changes the life schedule not only of the patient, but also of the whole family. About 70% of cases of malignant neoplasms (MN) of the lungs, trachea and bronchi are diagnosed with the onset of symptoms, when there are mediastinal or distant metastases. According to the WHO, in the structure of morbidity in the economically developed countries of the world for several years the leading position is occupied by malignant neoplasms of the trachea, bronchi and lungs among men and breast cancer in women. That is, the main problems faced by the world's leading countries in the organization of medical and pharmaceutical care for these patients may to some extent be considered in Ukraine. An extremely important issue for RM is the principle of their early diagnosis. Given the growing incidence of RM, and especially due to oncopathology of the trachea, bronchi and lungs among the general population, a significant number of postoperative complications, the complexity of social adaptation, should be noted along with constant monitoring and implementation of new treatments, development of new postoperative rehabilitation programs. development of an optimized model of medical care for patients with malignant respiratory tumors. Prospects for further development: the obtained data will be used as a basis for forecasting the risk of RM among the population and the allocation of contingents with a high risk of cancer.


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