Оxidative stress in the development of sepsis in patients with diabetic foot syndrome complicated

  • O.V. Tribushnoy
  • S.D. Shapoval
  • I.L. Savon
Keywords: SDF, sepsis, antioxidant system


The study involved 724 patients for complicated SDF, in which 71 patients (9.8%) showed signs of sepsis. The cause of sepsis in patients with complicated SDF were usually «wet» gangrene of the lower extremities. The dynamics of the disease was determined performance antioxidant system, catalase, vitamins A, E, C, ceruloplasmin. Determined that patients in both groups changing product content of antioxidant system in blood serum during hospitalization were authentic character that patients with sepsis were more distinctly. In patients with sepsis died performance antioxidant system level was too low, and in some cases at all levels investigated constellations could not identify. After the reorganization of festering source of infection tended to normalization of antioxidant system, but even at 12 - 16 day postoperative period in any of the observations are not normalized. The results of the study suggest that the antioxidant system products are objective markers of endogenous intoxication and indicate the presence of oxidation stress the body. In the system of complex treatment of these groups of patients should be prescribed antioxidants as an option pathogenic intensive care.


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