Тhе features of a personalized approach to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy

Keywords: pregnancy, cardiovascular pathology, treatment, gestational endotheliopathy, heart failure, antihypertensive drugs, antithrombotic drugs.


Annotation. For the cases of cardiovascular pathology during pregnancy include hypertensive disorders, hypercholesterolemia, myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, valve disease, thromboembolic diseases, aortic disease and cerebrovascular pathology. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death from pregnancy in the world. Raising maternal age and comorbid diseases contribute to increased maternal mortality, also. When searching for literature, we used Medline systems from PubMed (2011). The search was adapted for Embase (2015 - 2021) and Scopus (2017 - 2021). Inclusion criteria were as follows: the impact of diseases of the cardiovascular system on pregnancy; the impact of pregnancy on the course of cardiovascular disease; features of diagnosis and prevention of women with CVD at the stage of preconception and during pregnancy; safety of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular pathology during pregnancy; choice of drugs to prevent perinatal pathology in women with CVD; features of antenatal observation in CVD. We excluded from the study: references to 2011 (more than 10 years); not English; all methods that were not directly related to the pathology of the cardiovascular system during pregnancy; concomitant diseases that can lead to aggravation of pregnancy; animal studies. As a result, 76 studies were identified that were subject to final inclusion in the systematic review. Analysis of the identified literature sources showed that the preconception reproductive strategy to be developed by a multidisciplinary cardio-obstetric team is becoming important for women with a history of cardiovascular disease or for those with a history of familial preeclampsia. Cardio-obstetrics has become as an important multidisciplinary industry that requires a team approach to optimizing the clinical management of cardiovascular disease during pregnancy. Timely involvement of the cardio-obstetric group is crucial to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality during pregnancy and 1 year after delivery. A general understanding of the importance of the impact of cardiovascular disease on pregnancy and the impact of pregnancy on existing CVD should be a basic area of expertise for family medicine professionals, cardiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists. The given scientific and clinical review of sources of evidence-based medicine contains certain features of predictor diagnosis, prevention and treatment of manifested forms of cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy.


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