Morphological changes in large intestine after resection and stress

  • A.V. Dusyk
Keywords: толстая кишка, резекция, стресс.


It is known that the stress response to surgical intervention is responsible for the course of the peri- and postoperative period. Stress is one of the key factors that affects the morphological state of the colon. As a result of the experimental work, it was found that after 3 days of the experiment erosive ulcerative defects were observed in 30% of animals only with resection and 60 % in the group of animals with resection of the colon, which were under stressful influence. After 30 days of the experiment, progression of ulcers and surface erosion of the colon in the anastomosis zone was observed in 5 % and 10 % of the only group of animals with resection of the large intestine that was under stressful influence.


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