The use of mini-invasive technologies in surgical treatment of the colon diseases

  • T.I. Tamm
  • A.P. Zakharchuk
  • V.V. Nepomniaschy
  • D.P. Polyansky
Keywords: diseases of the colon, laparoscopic colon resection, laparoscopic surgery


The analysis of the treatment of 56 patients who underwent laparoscopic resection of the changed segment of the colon has been prepared. Among all patients 22 (42%) were men, 34 (58%) – women. The 52 (92.8%) patients were operated because of cancer of the colon and 4 (7,2%) – due to the complicated forms of the diverticular disease. In all cases, the radical surgery was conducted, as confirmed by the results of morphological studies. Complications in the postoperative period were observed in 6 (10,7%) cases including 2 patients that had dehiscence of the anastomosis, 2 patients with postoperative wound suppuration and another 2 had prolonged lymphorrhea. The postoperative mortality was at the level of 1,7%. The reason for that was the acute cardiac infarction that occurred 3 days after the operation to the senior patient. It was found that laparoscopic access in the surgical treatment of the colon diseases is the most acceptable since the objective limits for its use are too small. Laparoscopic technology in the surgical treatment of the colon diseases is a promising direction of surgery because of their efficacy and low morbidity.


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