Special features of clinics, diagnostics and treatment of acute cholecystitis in patients with diabetes mellitus

  • T.I. Tamm
  • B.M. Datzenko
  • A.P. Zakharchuk
  • I.N. Mamomtov
  • Hamam Abbud
  • S.V. Kosulin
  • T.N. Javorskaya
Keywords: acute cholecystitis, diabetes mellitus, destructive form, LC


We analyzed the results of treatment of 244 patients with acute cholecystitis and diabetes mellitus. We concluded that these group of patients have quick progressing destructive form of an inflammation, while clinical features of the disease do not correlate with local changes in gallbladder. Differential view on rational tactics based on the results of ultrasound data allows to perform cholecystectomy in 98,4% of patients, 90% could be treated with LC. The mortality level is 1,2%.


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