Features of the prevalence of TLR-2 gene polymorphism (Arg753Gln) in patients with acute brucellosis with liver damage

Keywords: acute brucellosis, hepatitis, polymorphism, TLR-2


Brucella have the potential influence for all organs of the human body, which is reflected by a significant polymorphism of clinical manifestations, as a result, not always timely diagnosis of the disease and the development of complications that result of disability. The aim of our study was to determine the characteristics of the prevalence of polymorphism (Arg753Gln) of the TLR-2 gene in patients with acute brucellosis with liver damage. 178 patients with clinical symptoms of brucellosis were examined. According to the criteria for inclusion in a study of 178 patients, only 120 persons, who were the main group, fully met all criteria. All patients were tested for polymorphism (Arg753Gln) TLR-2. Statistical processing the results of the study was performed using the programs “SPSS 20.0”, “STATISTICA 6.0”. Among 120 patients with acute brucellosis, the disease of the hepatobiliary system had only 43 patients, which was 35.8% according to the laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation. The Gln/Gln genotype of the TLR-2 gene was determined in 3.3 times more in patients with acute liver brucellosis than in the patients without liver damage. Among the carriers of the genotype Gln/Gln, there is a significantly increased risk of brucellosis (χ2=17.52; p=0.0002; OR=4.81; 95% CI [0.98-23.59]), while carries of the homozygous genotype Arg/Arg on the contrary, has a protective effect on the development of brucellosis (OR=0.11, 95% CI [0.04 - 0.33]).

Author Biography

Elchin Mammed oglu Huseynov, Azerbaijan Medical University

PhD, docent, Department of Infectious Diseases Azerbaijan Medical University


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