Morphometric characteristics of the collagen of periimplant zones by using suture material of different structure and chemical composition with the aim of correction of age skin changes

  • M. Turkevуch
Keywords: skin, necropsy materials, collagen, collagenogenesis, permanent implants, resorbable implants.


Morphometric analysis of collagenogenesis of perimplant zones was carried out at application of suture material of different structure and chemical composition for the purpose of establishing the quantitative composition of collagen. The thickness of the sleeve wall was measured using ImageJ ver.1.48u (1,2) using the “straight line” tool. The collagen density of the clutch wall and the collagen density in the surrounding tissues were measured by converting the images into black and white format, followed by obtaining a binary image using the “threshold” function of the ImageJ program. It is established that according to the indicators of thickness of a collagen sleeve and its density leaders are materials LLS. In terms of the density of collagen in tissues close to the clutch, the absolute leader is LLS material. In general, according to the values of all three parameters, the absolute leader in the intensity of collagen formation as the walls of the muffle and surrounding tissues is the LLS material, in the second place, on the aggregate of the three indicators, the materials NS and EV are located.

Author Biography

M. Turkevуch

Туркевич Марта Олександрівна – асистент кафедри патологічної анатомії та судової медицини      0631887307


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