• О.І. Tiron
Keywords: thyroid gland, morphofunctional changes, exogenous and endogenous factors.


Despite the important role of the thyroid gland in regulating the functions of the body, the gland is quite sensitive to the adverse effects of various factors on the body. The purpose of the work is to analyze modern sources of scientific literature devoted to the study of the influence of exo- and endogenous factors on the morpho-functional properties of the thyroid gland. Literary data on the influence on the thyroid gland of various environmental chemicals, insufficient or excessive consumption of iodine and selenium, vitamin D deficiency, exposure to pharmaceuticals, smoking, environmental temperature, irradiation, infections, stress, as well as factors of the internal environment, such as atherosclerosis and pregnancy. There are a small number of modern scientific studies concerning the influence on the structure and function of the thyroid gland consequences of thermal injury of the skin.


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