Analysis of the provision of surgical care in Zhytomyr oblast for the period 2008-2017

  • N.P. Suslik
  • O.O. Zaritskiy
  • O.M. Zaritskіy
  • I.V. Ogiychuk
  • L.A. Vozna
  • L.O. Tyshchik
  • L.I. Birkos
  • V.P. Koshman
  • G.A. Sityashenko
  • L.P. Tarnavskaya
  • N.V. Kravchuk
Keywords: surgical care, surgical interference, postoperative lethality.


Annually more than 20% of patients who undergo treatment in hospitals of Zhytomyr region are operated. The purpose of the study was to trace the state of the organization of the surgical service of Zhytomyr region for the period from 2008 to 2017 (inclusive) to identify problems and ways to solve them. The article analyzes human potential, works of surgical beds and indicators of planned and urgent surgical care for the population of Zhytomyr region for the indicated period using analytical, analytical-synthetic and statistical methods with calculation of correlation coefficient. Positive dynamics was revealed: the average number of days of bed occupation increased, the average length of stay of the patient in the bed decreased, the bed turnover increased, the frequency of surgical interventions increased and postoperative lethality decreased. At the same time there is a problem of staffing; systematic work is needed to improve the indicators associated with late hospitalization of patients.


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Suslik, N., Zaritskiy, O., ZaritskіyO., Ogiychuk, I., Vozna, L., Tyshchik, L., Birkos, L., Koshman, V., Sityashenko, G., Tarnavskaya, L., & Kravchuk, N. (2018). Analysis of the provision of surgical care in Zhytomyr oblast for the period 2008-2017. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 22(4), 724-729.