Abdominal bleeding in victims with abdominal-vertebral injury as a result of road accidents

  • S.A. Guriev
  • P.V. Tanasienko
  • S.Ya. Balyasevich
Keywords: polytrauma, injured, abdominal-vertebral injury, bleeding.


One of the main factors for increasing mortality from injuries and injuries is road traffic injuries. With a combined and isolated abdominal trauma, the operational activity reaches 88%, significantly exceeding that in injuries of the limbs, pelvis, chest and head injuries. The purpose of our work was to reduce the lethality of internal bleeding in victims of abdominal-vertebral trauma as a result of an accident by improving medical diagnostic tactics and provision of emergency surgical care. We analyzed the treatment of 122 victims with abdominal-vertebral trauma as a result of an accident, were hospitalized in the Kiev City Clinical Emergency Hospital for the period from 2013–2017. Abdominal bleeding of different volume in case of concomitant abdominal-vertebral injury as a result of an accident occurs in 37.4% of cases and is shocking in 57.4% of cases. The main source of hemoperitoneum is damage to the parenchymal abdominal organs. A feature of spleen and liver injury is the weak correlation between the mechanism of combined trauma and the degree of damage to the parenchymal abdominal organs.


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