Features of lesion of the cardiovascular system in patients with acute brucellosis

  • Yelchin Mamed oglu Huseynov
  • O. Starzhynska VNMU named after M. I. Pirogov
Keywords: acute brucellosis, cardiovascular system


Heart damage in acute brucellosis can determine the severity of the disease, affect the quality of life of the patient and the prognosis of the disease as a whole. The purpose of the study is the integrated assessment of the cardiovascular system (CCS) in patients with acute brucellosis on the basis of clinical and instrumental examination results. 120 patients with acute brucellosis were examined, the average age of patients was 35.9±2.8 years. In order to assess the state of the CCS, all patients were registered with the electrocardiogram in 12 standard leads, blood pressure (BP), and echocardiography. Statistical processing of the results was carried out using “STATISTICA 6.0” using parametric and non-parametric methods for evaluating the obtained results. During the study, it was found that 77.50% of patients with acute brucellosis had certain signs of abnormalities in the work of the CCS. Among clinical manifestations cardialgia is dominated by a non-ischemic nature, a marked increase in the frequency of cardiac contractions and a decrease in the level of predominantly diastolic blood pressure. Electrocardiographic changes are characterized by a predominant disruption of the function of automatism. The tendency to rhythm disturbances is confirmed by the detection of ventricular arrhythmias in them, prolongation of QT interval in some patients. Diagnosed disturbances of ventricular repolarization process, along with other changes, can be evidence of myocardial damage and its structural transformations. There was also a tendency to increase the size of the left heart, reducing the contractile capacity of the left ventricle and formation of one third of patients with diastolic dysfunction, which may be evidence of changes in the myocardium due to systemic inflammation inherent in brucellosis. Consequently, in the vast majority of patients with acute brucellosis, there are signs of lesion of the CCS that can be detected already during the routine clinical examination.


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