The problem of adaptation of first-year medical students to the educational process

  • A.O. Ocheretnyuk
  • D.A. Lysenko
  • O.V. Palamarchuk
  • T.R. Zakalata
  • V.V. Kernichnyi
Keywords: adaptation, self-assessment, first academic year, students


The problem of the adaptation of first-year students of medical universities is an important issue of medical education in Ukraine. Adaptation of first-year students is a factor that seriously affects the educational activities of educational institutions. However, the issue of adaptation to training in medical schools remains poorly understood and unresolved. A study of the adaptation processes of first-year students of the medical faculty to the educational process in Vinnitsa National Medical University, based on the results of an anonymous survey of 200 students. For the majority of the students surveyed (46%), the adaptation process turned out to be a little problematic. For 28% of students, adaptation was not required, which was associated with studying in their hometown or having friends with senior students. 9% of the students surveyed did not determine the problem of adaptation, which is associated with the perception of the problem. 17% of the students surveyed indicated that the adaptation process is a significant problem that requires considerable effort and a long time. Important factors that influenced this were social status and place of residence for learning. The basic criteria that influenced adaptation were self-assessment and communication. It is these criteria that turned out to be higher for people who did not need adaptation, and significantly lower for students with problem adaptation. The results obtained may indicate promising areas for further research on the study and testing of methods for improving adaptation to the educational process by first-year students at a medical school.


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Ocheretnyuk, A., Lysenko, D., Palamarchuk, O., Zakalata, T., & Kernichnyi, V. (2018). The problem of adaptation of first-year medical students to the educational process. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 22(3), 543-547.