Tactics of treatment of complicated diverticulitis

  • N. I. Tutchenko
  • I.V. Klusko
  • A.A. Evgrafov
  • E.A. Syrenko
  • D.Y. Zhytnik
Keywords: diverticulitis, peritonitis, laparoscopic lavage, VAC-assisted laparostomy


The aim of our study — to evaluate the success rate of laparoscopic lavage in controlling sepsis in patients with Hinchey III diverticulitis. The result of treatment of 79 patients with complicated diverticulitis was analyzed. Among them, conservative treatment was performed out in 56 patients (71%), surgical treatment was performed in 23 patients (29%). Laparoscopic lavage was performed in 17 patients. The success rate after laparoscopic lavage was 70%. The mortality rate in this group was 4.3%. Laparotomy was performed in 6 patients (26.5%) followed by VAC-assisted laparostomy in 3 patients. The mortality rate in this group was 8.8%. Thus, laparoscopic lavage showed a high level of success in controlling sepsis in patients with diverticular peritonitis Hinchey III with a low mortality rate, repeated operations and stoma formation. We plan to conduct this study with the analysis of data from a larger number of patients to confirm the results obtained.


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Tutchenko, N. I., Klusko, I., Evgrafov, A., Syrenko, E., & Zhytnik, D. (2018). Tactics of treatment of complicated diverticulitis. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 22(3), 518-521. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.31393/reports-vnmedical-2018-22(3)-25