Methodological and organizational aspects of microbiology teaching in dental faculty of national medical university

Keywords: microbiology, methodological support, knowledge evaluation, practical skills.


An important task today is to bring the content of typical and working educational programs, as well as teaching methods to European educational standards for the optimization of the quality of teaching for the successful training of future dentists. The purpose of the work is to consider the methodological aspects of teaching microbiology and the peculiarities of student knowledge control at the Faculty of Dentistry of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University (DHLNMU). The Department of Microbiology of DHLNMU educational process is carried out under the new curriculum by training the level II specialists. The maximum pedagogical skill of the faculty members of the department is used to create the motivation for studying the discipline “Microbiology, virology and immunology, including microbiology of the oral cavity” and the formation of clinical thinking of students-dentists. In particular, this is achieved through constant emphasis on professional orientation filed on lectures and practical training information, program updates by modern scientific material, facts, using innovative technologies. Achieving these goals is also carried out by independent research work of students. There was created a textbook for students of the Faculty of Dentistry, in which a lot of emphasis was placed on the professional orientation of the outlined teaching material. In particular, a number of parts are devoted to the study of individual representatives of the microflora of the mouth in norm and in pathology, as well as microbiocenosis of the oral cavity in general. In order to optimize the preparation of students, the Web-portal of the University contains working curricula, multimedia presentation of lectures, methodical recommendations for practical classes and independent work with examples of test tasks, examples of situational tasks to each topic in particular. The bases of test tasks for preparation for the final knowledge control are also presented. For foreign students, the teaching staff of the department developed methodological materials in English as well as workbooks, which helps in preparation for practical classes, during practical classes, as well as facilitates the independent study of a number of topics provided by the working curriculum. A collection of test tasks for the preparation of English-speaking students for the “Krok-1” licensed exam has been published. Assessment of knowledge is carried out by the ECTS. The exam includes the control of acquiring practical skills, test tasks, descriptive theoretical questions and situational tasks. The Department of Microbiology of DHLNMU is constantly working on providing the optimal organization of the educational process with the goal of training skilled dentists. Teaching staff constantly improves ensure that the students thorough fundamental knowledge to be useful for their future medical practice.


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