The implementation of test control methods for the improvement of the quality content of high education in medical higher educational institution

Keywords: microbiology, virology, immunology, test control.


The integration of Ukrainian system of Higher education into the European one accompanies by a transformation processes. The main goal of Higher school in our country is to prepare competitive specialists. The pedagogues of medical universities implement modern educational technologies with the use of analytically-searching work and scientific information. The implementation of new technologies of teaching is the important task of modernization of pedagogical system of mastering highly skilled specialists. The aim — to ground the implementation of test control for the estimation of quality of knowledge of future doctors. Gaining knowledge in microbiology is very necessary for future doctors to understand the principals of diagnostics and struggling infectious diseases. Knowledge in microbiology is basis for better understanding of clinical disciplines, as it assists logical perception of clinical data, influences on the forming clinical thought without which it is impossible to become a highly skilled specialist. The implementation of modern methods of studies, control, providing the increase of creative activity of students, forming and developing in them professional thought is one of the effective way of the improvement of quality of pedagogical training of highly skilled doctors. The experience of applying of the test control of knowledge in students in the medical university at classes of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology has been presented in the manuscript. The use of different types of test control has been proved to be one of the effective methods for determining the level of knowledge among students. Test control promotes the activation of cognitive activity, forms students’ skills of independent work, develops their logical thinking. Test control of obtained knowledge should be used in conjunction with other methods of studying the subject. The analysis of the results of the writing of the KROK-1 qualification exam by the students of the stomatological department has been conducted. The use of different methods of estimation of control of knowledge is necessary for its improvement. The study of microbiology is the important base of forming fundamental knowledge in students. Therefore, test control in a complex with other pedagogical methods can be used as one of the important and optimal methods to improve estimation of the basic level of students’ knowledge.


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Kolodii, S. A., Kordon, Y. V., Nazarchuk, O. A., & Osadchuk, N. (2018). The implementation of test control methods for the improvement of the quality content of high education in medical higher educational institution. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 22(2), 357-360.

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