A webpage content of the department of microbiology and use for students training

Keywords: Internet resources, microbiology, information search.


The Internet is the best means of transporting information. It provides instant and full access to the world knowledge and transportation of information.

Almost all educational institutions, research institutions have their own sites, which are constantly replenished with information. Network resources can greatly supplement the list of materials that students can use for training and self-training for practical classes. Purpose: to familiarize with the experience of informative filling of the web page of the Department of Microbiology. The purpose of the work is to familiarize with the experience of informative filling of the web page of the Department of Microbiology. Informative content of the site of the Department of Microbiology, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya is posted in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian, twice a year before the beginning of each semester: the calendar plans of lectures and practical classes, time-table of practical classes and lectures, time-table of consultations and working out of missed classes are changing. The information on the website is provided during the year as necessary. All information of the department page is divided into the following sections: news of the department, information about the staff of the department and basic information to the student for the convenient use by students in training for practical classes and workouts of missed classes. The site contains information about the exams for students who complete the studies at the department. The work on improving the web site of the Department of Microbiology and the systematization of data is constantly being carried out. During the year, it is planned to create units with information about dissertations, titles of articles and abstracts of the department staff, information on participation of staff in scientific conferences and congresses. The website of the Department of Microbiology presents a sufficient amount of information for use by students in training and search for practical classes.


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