New methodological approaches to the final control of quality of mastering the discipline: “microbiology, virusology, immunology”

Keywords: control of knowledge acquisition, evaluation method, testing, exam.


On the way toward the integration of national higher medical education into the European educational space remains an open question about the optimal method of quality control of the acquired knowledge, which will determine the level of training specialists and achieve certain programmed learning outcomes. The purpose of this work was to evaluate the effectiveness of new methodological approaches to the final control and evaluation of knowledge acquisition in microbiology of the students at medical faculty. The usage of integrated assessment of knowledge in the discipline “Microbiology, virology, immunology” is introduced as an experiment, which involves the introduction of test control as a separate component of the oral test. This methodological approach allows to level out certain shortcomings of the oral examination and testing as separate methods of final control and more objectively evaluate the acquired knowledge of the discipline. On the basis of the analysis of the examination results, it can be concluded that the assessment of the student's educational activity during the course of the study of the discipline correlates with the results of the oral final test, and the results of the test control exceed 5–9% of the data of current progress and oral final control. The methodology of the complex estimation of the study final control of the discipline is a positive investigation, which allows to estimate more objectively the achieved learning outcomes, stimulates students to work independently, performing individual tasks, studying situational tests, developing communicative, professional skills, and allows to avoid the drawbacks of various forms of control by means of rating assessment of the discipline.


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Guminsky, Y., Kovalchuk, V., Vovk, I., Prokopchuk, Z., & Fomina, N. (2018). New methodological approaches to the final control of quality of mastering the discipline: “microbiology, virusology, immunology”. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 22(2), 343-346.

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