New data concerning oocyte maturationand embryo production in vitro

  • L. A. Sarafinyuk
Keywords: oocyte, embryo, in vitro, culture.


It is reviewed last science data concerning oocyte maturation and pig embryo production in vitro. The aim of the work is to present new data concerning oocyte maturation and embryo production in vitro. Efficiency of different assistant reproductive methods can be improved by treatment of gametes and embryos with sublethal hydrostatic pressure. COCs denudation is better to perform 44 hours from the initiation of maturation procedure. Last 11 hours of maturation is better to perform in medium with decreased quantity of NaCl. Lipid content in oocyte significantly correlates with number of granulose cells per follicle. Larger size pre- and post pubertal oocytes are characterized by greater ability to development. Supplementation of culture medium with glycine leads to increase number of blastocyst cells. Addition of fibroblast growth factor to COCs culture medium benefits its development and blastocyst formation. COCs maturation normalization decreases polyspermy. Bringing endothelial growth factor in COCs medium culture increases rate of blastocyst formation. Different cells processes require different quantity of calcium ion oscillations. Temperature of liquid of preovulatory follicle can be indicator for oocyte quality. 14-days culture of COCs, recovered from early antral follicles, on polyacrylamide gel, results in achievement of larger size oocytes. It is improved method for optical observation of fertilization. It is worked out morula - blastocyst transportation for long distances. Introduction of Lysophosphatidic acid accelerates development of porcine embryos by activating formation of the blastocoel. Conclusion: last literature data show that row of different means of improvement for oocyte maturation and obtaining embryo in vitro is worked out.


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