Retrospective analysis of reproductive anamnesis of women with birth in the breech presentation

Keywords: reproductive history, childbirth, breech presentation.


At present, the study of the peculiarities of the reproductive history of patients planning pregnancy is considered to be a promising area for the effective ensuring the timely and highly successful implementation of their reproductive intentions. Goal — to conduct an analytical retrospective assessment of the reproductive history of patients with childbirth in the pelvic presentation. A retrospective analysis of medical records has been conducted on the basis of the Odessa Regional Perinatal Center, medical records of 300 primipara and secundipara with pregnancy with one fetus in the breech presentation have been studied: I — the main group (MG) (n=150), women who gave birth in the pelvic presentation; ІІ — control group (CG) (n=150), women who gave birth in the cephalic presentation. Statistical processing of the results of the study was carried out using the statistical packages of the program Statistica for Windows (version 6.1) by the means of parametric and nonparametric statistics. The study of submitted medical documents showed a statistically less favorable gynecological history of women from MG: while the majority of women with MG were multipara — 96 (64%), in CG, the number of patients was lower — 67 (44.6%) cases (p<0.05). The number of cases of urgent labor in the MG — 137 (91.3%) was greater than in the control group — 118 (78.7%) (p <0.05). The frequency of operative birth in MG was 102 (68%) cases compared to 44 (29.3%) (p<0.05) in CG. The operative birth in CG occurred only in 5 (11.4%) cases, whereas in MG there were 13 cases (100%) (p<0.05). Therefore, the prevalence of cases of operative delivery and less amount of cases of preterm births have been indicated in MG.


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