Experience of the use of combined phytopreparations in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases

Keywords: acute respiratory viral diseases, gamma syrup, children.


The article showed the problem of integrated management of children different age groups with upper respiratory tract viral infection. It reflected modern approach of using multicomponent herbal medicine for cough therapy in children in the practice of pediatrician. We evaluated necessity of the prescription and effect of the herbal drug in syrup type Gamma in case of acute respiratory diseases in 50 children, from the age of 2 up to 15 years of life, that were treated at infectious-diagnostic department of Vinnytsya regional children’s hospital and had cough symptom. Analysis of the results of the use of herbal multicomponent Gamma syrup in children with cough was provided. The duration of the cough period, qualitative changes in the cough symptom, such as frequency and expectoration of sputum were analyzed. In every case we estimated time of cough originating, changes of its characteristics from the dry to productive, decreasing of the intensity and time of the clinical recovering. The effectiveness of Gamma syrup was evaluated by comparing the main group of patients and the control group. In 92% of patients in the main group on day 7 cough completely stopped, comparing to the control group –cough stopped in 52%. This is the evidence of positive effect on cough, sputum discharge, it`s viscosity and common improvement of drainage function respiratory tract. Using of herbal multicomponent Gamma syrup shows high clinical effectiveness as mucolytic, broncholytic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory drug in children with cough in complex treatment of upper respiratory tract viral infection.


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