Individual portable laparoscopic simulator

  • М.D. Zheliba
  • A.M. Formanchuk
  • T.V. Formanchuk
  • M.I. Vasenko
Keywords: laparoscopic simulator, medical simulators, practical skills


Practical skills in laparoscopic surgery require hours of hard training. Due to various reasons, not all surgical manipulations may learn off in the operating room: increase the time of surgery and additional risks of complications for the patient, limitation of using of expensive equipment, and so on. Current global trends in medicine for the establishment of medical simulators (simulators for initial operational assimilation techniques, virtual simulators, mannequins). To improve the study of practical skills of laparoscopic surgery, we have created a unique portable laparoscopic simulator that enables to work out and improve students, medical interns and young surgeons skills in laparoscopic surgery, in a phantom centers or clinics and beyond.

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