Simulative training in laparoscopic surgery

  • O.M. Veligotskyy
  • O.M. Khvisyuk
  • V.G. Marchenko
  • O.M. Dovzhenko
  • I.M. Rybak
Keywords: simulative training, laparoscopic surgery, virtual computer-based laparoscopic simulator


This work presents a simulative training program for laparoscopic surgery for all surgical areas at the Department of endoscopy and surgery KhMAAE with the use of simulated virtual operating room, equipped with virtual computer-based laparoscopic simulator portable type (manufacturer: Epona Medical, the Netherlands), box trainer "Johnson & Johnson" (USA) and telecommunication system.

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Veligotskyy, O., Khvisyuk, O., Marchenko, V., Dovzhenko, O., & Rybak, I. (2017). Simulative training in laparoscopic surgery. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 303-306. Retrieved from