Capabilities of colon laparoscopic resections under occlusion of ileus

  • T.I. Tamm
  • V.V. Nepomnyashchiy
  • A.P. Zaharchuck
  • D.P. Polyanskiy
  • I.A. Dvornick
Keywords: occlusion ileus, USE, large bowel laparoscopic resections, colorectal cancer


The results of the treatment of 128 patients with acute intestinal obstruction (AIO) were analyzed. The informative value of USE method in AIO diagnostics was 98 %, of plan radiography - 46 %. The acute mechanical ileus was transferred to chronic with the help of colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy in 29,7 % of cases. On the height of AIO 90 (70,3 %) of patients were operated. Post- operative complications comprised 5,5 %. Settlement of acute obstructive ileus and its transfer into partial with the help of endoscopic methods - colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy - allowed the carrying out of laparoscopically assisted resections of colon in 29,7 % of cases. In this group of patients there were no deaths and post-operative complications comprised 0,8 %.

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Tamm, T., Nepomnyashchiy, V., Zaharchuck, A., Polyanskiy, D., & Dvornick, I. (2017). Capabilities of colon laparoscopic resections under occlusion of ileus. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 300-303. Retrieved from