Technical aspects of laparoscopic duodenoplasty

  • S.I. Savoluk
  • O.G. Shepetko-Dombrovskyi
  • G.N. Shepetko-Dombrovskii
Keywords: perforated duodenal ulcer, laparoscopic duodenoplasty, fixation of ulcer crater


In the work shown results of laparoscopic treatment of 18 patients with perforated duodenal ulcer using proposed method of laparoscopic duodenoplasty, that allows to improve results of treatment and develop using of laparoscopic technologies.

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Savoluk, S., Shepetko-Dombrovskyi, O., & Shepetko-Dombrovskii, G. (2017). Technical aspects of laparoscopic duodenoplasty. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 273-275. Retrieved from