Electrosurgery treatment non - parasitical hepatic cysts

  • O.Yu. Usenko
  • V.V. Petrushenko
  • V.I. Stoika
  • D.I. Hrebeniuk
  • S.S. Stukan
Keywords: focal lesions of the liver, argonplasma coagulation, non-parasitical hepatic cysts


The article include analysis of treatment non - parasitical cysts using argonplasma coagulation in laparoscopic and in conventional surgical treatment. Demonstrated better results of treatment non-parasitical hepatic cysts in laparoscopic treatment using argon plasma coagulation on liver parenchyma, compared to conventional surgical treatment.

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Usenko, O., Petrushenko, V., Stoika, V., Hrebeniuk, D., & Stukan, S. (2017). Electrosurgery treatment non - parasitical hepatic cysts. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 253-257. Retrieved from https://reports-vnmedical.com.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/356