The role of video-assisted operations in modern thoracic surgery

  • V.V. Grubnik
  • O.Yu. Tronina
  • P.P. Shipulin
  • V.V. Baydan
  • V.I. Baydan
  • А.А. Kyrilyk
  • V.E. Severgin
  • S.V. Ageev
  • O.N. Kozyar
  • M.Yu. Tselikov
Keywords: video-assisted thoracoscopy, endoscopic staplers, videoassisted lung resection


The analysis of the use of VATS surgery in 173 patients with surgical pathology chest organs using a variety of minimally invasive surgical techniques. As a result of using VATS surgical interventions 171patient was discharged from the hospital. Lethal outcome was observed in 2 (1,1%) patients withstage IV lungcancer. VATS operations combines the low invasiveness and convenience of videothoracoscopic standard thoracic surgery, and execution of mini thoracotomy not significantly aggravates the postoperative period and does not affect the length of stay of patients in hospital.

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Grubnik, V., Tronina, O., Shipulin, P., Baydan, V., Baydan, V., KyrilykА., Severgin, V., Ageev, S., Kozyar, O., & Tselikov, M. (2017). The role of video-assisted operations in modern thoracic surgery. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 323-326. Retrieved from