The role of ultrasound diagnostics and spiral computer tomography in diagnostics and treatment of liver abscesses

  • V.O. Shaprinskyj
  • V.M. Makarov
  • O.L. Luzker
  • M.R. Pobirchiy
Keywords: liver abscess, ultrasound diagnostics, spiral computer tomography.


The article describes the experience of treatment of 71 patients with liver abscess. 54 patients were operated on using a traditional open method, 11 — minimally invasive technologies under control of ultrasonography, 6 — patients had a conservative treatment, one of them died. The majority of liver abscess (90%) diagnosed of ultrasonography, others confirmed spiral computer tomography. The liver abscess of the right share was localized in 7th and 8th segments, the left share – 3d and 4th. The volume of liquid formations ranged from 1–2 ml to 2 l. The use of ultrasound diagnostics and computer tomography is expedient, necessary and reliable method of diagnostics in liver abscess treatment.


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