Olecranon fracture osteosynthesis, biomechanical investigation

  • P.M. Zuck
  • Ye.A. Filonenko
  • M.Yu. Karpynskyi
  • D.I. Grebeniuk
Keywords: elbow, olecranon fractures, metal osteosynthesis, biomechanical research, experimental studies, blocked intramedullary fixation


The article presents the results of experimental research of the olecranon fracture. In ulna models olecranon osteotomy was performed, five of which were stabilized by tension band technique and five by interlocking screw. A biomechanical study of the stability of the olecranon in different types of load with power from 20 to 100 N. The study results were statistically counted using statistical software package SPSS 20.0. The results showed higher stability after interlocking screw osteosynthesis for all types and power load. The difference was statistically significant.

How to Cite
Zuck, P., Filonenko, Y., Karpynskyi, M., & Grebeniuk, D. (2017). Olecranon fracture osteosynthesis, biomechanical investigation. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 20(1(2), 171-174. Retrieved from https://reports-vnmedical.com.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/332

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