Prognostic value of biochemical screening in pregnant women with hyperandrogenism

  • I. M. Marynchyna
  • O.P. Maksumyuk
Keywords: biochemical screening, placental dysfunction


The study involved 30 pregnant women with hyperandrogenism (HA) and 30 pregnant women with uncomplicated course of the gestation process. The main criterion of selection was the presence of abnormalities according to the results of the first biochemical screening and the presence of placenta dysfunction according to the histological study in pregnant women of the main group. Pregnant of the "risk group" on the occurrence of placental dysfunction in 16-18, 20-24 weeks of gestation underwent a study of the placental lactogen, estriol, progesterone and. Half as much level of progesterone, three times decreased level of placental lactogen, 1,5 decrease of estriol in comparison with data of physiological pregnancy are the basis for a complex examination of the pregnant in the absence of clinical signs of placenta dysfunction.

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