Central structures of cerebrospinal fluid system of the brain in the elderly

  • T.S. Komshuk
Keywords: cerebrospinal fluid system, the elderly, males, females, MRI, morphometry


The lifetime characteristic of structures of cerebrospinal fluid system of the brain, which are located centrally in the elderly, were studied by morphometric method by means of magnetic resonance tomograms (MRI). Intersexual and age differences of relevant parameters were studied. A survey carried out in the standard anatomic planes (sagittal, frontal and axial) in people without organic lesions of the brain and skull. It was analyzed 38 tomograms of elders (14 males and 24 females) and 51 tomograms of people in the II period of mature age (25 males and 26 females). A comparison of similar indices in humans of the II maturity period was passed. There were studied sizes of the III and IV cerebral ventricles of the brain and the size of aqueductus cerebri. It was observed the tendency to increase in males of the following parameters: the length of the III and IV ventricles and the height of the IV ventricle of the brain, and in females - the height of the III ventricle and the length of aqueductus cerebri.

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