Gastro-intestinal dysfunction compensated in patients with polytrauma

  • Y.M. Pіdgіrny
  • A.Y. Fil
  • O.R. Yayechnuk
  • O.P. Zakotyanskyy
  • O.M. Tanasienko
Keywords: polytrauma, trauma bones, gastro-intestinal dysfunction compensated


Providing emergency medical care to patients with polytrauma actual due to high mortality of patients with this pathology. Purpose - show the effect of intensive therapy gastro-intestinal dysfunction in compensation stage patients with polytrauma and results of their treatment. It was formed two groups of patients, which did not differ among themselves on the severity of the condition and the severity of the basic disease. These groups received the same treatment, except where the second group of patients was conducted early enteral nutrition. The study observed lower mortality and more rapid regression of the severity of the patients, reducing the manifestations of the syndrome of multiple organ failure syndrome and gastro-intestinal dysfunction in patients who underwent early enteral nutrition. By results of the study early enteral nutrition positively influences on patients with polytrauma who have compensated signs syndrome gastro-intestinal dysfunction and provides an opportunity to reduce the number of complications and mortality, reduce treatment time.

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PіdgіrnyY., Fil, A., Yayechnuk, O., Zakotyanskyy, O., & Tanasienko, O. (2017). Gastro-intestinal dysfunction compensated in patients with polytrauma. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 19(2), 393-399. Retrieved from