Features of heart rate variability in perimenopausal women

  • E. Kolesnikova
  • M. Iaresko
Keywords: heart rate variability, sympathetic nervous system, perimenopause


The paper assessed the performance characteristics assesses the performance features of heart rate variability in women with hypertension and obesity in perimenopause. It has been examined 50 women (age 53±3,5 years) with arterial hypertension stage II disease1-2 degrees and obesity I-II, which were divided into 3 groups, depending on menopausal status. 15 women without hypertension and obesity created control group. Evaluation of the temporal and spectral parameters of heart rate variability (HRV) spectral analysis was performed by using an electrocardiograph "Kardiolab" HAI-MEDICA. Was established the heart rate variability differed in all groups of patients. So women in perimenopause, the data showed an increase in all parameters reflecting the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, especially in women suffering from hypertension and obesity, increasing wave power very low frequency (VLF%). In this way in women during perimenopause with hypertension and obesity, reduced all the parameters of general heart rate variability due to the imbalance of the components of the autonomic nervous system associated with hormonal changes.

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