The defimition of psychological factors that prevent normal pregnancy

  • L.R. Nykogosyan
Keywords: pregnancy, gestational definition of psychological component dominant, threatened miscarriage, picturesque test


The goal of this study was to investigate the features of psychological factors that interfere with the normal course of pregnancy of women with threatened miscarriage. This study involved 147 pregnant women who were attending the antenatal clinic number 2 in Odessa. The first (primary) group consisted of 87 pregnant women with threatened miscarriage. The second (control) group included 60 pregnant women with pregnancy which occurs normally. The majority of women with threatened abortion (49%) revealed the presence of conflict with pregnancy or maternity situation; it was indicating that women unprepared for a pregnancy and childbirth, the inadequate representation of the image of yourself and your baby, and a high anxiety. Among women with threatened miscarriage most types PCGD is inadequate hypogestatiognostic (10%), anxiety (11.5%) and depression (2.3%) types PCGD.

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