Choice of the surgical method of treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Iu.L. Chyrka
Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, median nerve, endoscopic decompression


Dozens of approaches to surgical treatment of compression neuropathy of the median nerve tunnel in the carpal tunnel (carpal tunnel syndrome) was offered. At the present stage of development of surgery are used as w ell as methods of direct decompression via a linear incision in the palm of hand and endoscopic dissection of the transverse carpal ligament with use of special retractors. The selection of the optimal method depending on certain predetermined criteria is essential. 48 operations were performed in patients w ith carpal tunnel syndrome. In 18 cases, w e used endoscopic decompression of the median nerve, 30 - direct decompression. Patients were examined 30 days after the operation. The obtained results were analyzed according to the degree of reduction of the cross section of the median nerve in the carpal canal (<10% and >10%) and disease duration (<6 and >6 months). The influence of these criteria on the degree of sensitivity and rehabilitation recovery period of at operated hand was determined. On the basis of obtained data was presented recommendations on the choice of surgical treatment.

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