State of complex "mother-placenta-fetus" in miltiple pregnancy

  • N. A. Gaistruk
Keywords: multiple pregnancy, placental insufficiency


The aim of the study was to increase the effectiveness of prevention of perinatal complications in women with multiple pregnancy through the development of diagnostic and prognostic criteria of intrauterine fetal hypoxia using clinical and biochemical and functional methods of research. A retrospective analysis of the course of multiple pregnancy and birth with twins 80 women, all patients divided into 2 groups according to chorionity: I group - 37 (46,2 ± 30,40%) patients with monohorial diamniotic twins; II group - 43 (53,8 ± 26,16%) patients with dihorial diamniotic twins. In study included 25 healthy pregnant women (group I) and 60 pregnant women with a multiple pregnancy. Pregnant women with multiple pregnancy were divided into 2 groups: pregnant women with multiple pregnancy (n=20), which is not observed in fetal distress and pregnant women with multiple pregnancy (n=40), who noted fetal distress. The study homocysteine serum showed that pregnant w omen w ith multiple pregnancy syndrome observed the formation of hyperhomocysteinemia. In healthy pregnant homocysteine ranges from 4,5 - 14,4 mmol / L and averaged 8.67 mmol / l, whereas in pregnant women with a multiple pregnancy , the figure was higher and amounted to 40,0 and 55,0 % (p<0,01). The results of these studies showed that multiple pregnancy is a risk factor for placental insufficiency. For timely diagnosis and efficient monitoring of therapeutic and preventive measures undertaken must use dynamic ultrasound and doppler study. Multiple pregnancy is a universal risk factor for placental insufficiency with high perinatal morbidity and mortality. Pregnant women with a multiple pregnancy should undergo ultrasound screening in the second half of pregnancy. To reduce the rate of perinatal morbidity and mortality in multiple pregnancies is necessary to adequately assess the functional state of the fetoplacental complex.

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