Spatio-temporal parameters of gait in adolescent and youth men

  • V.M. Moroz
  • M.V. Yoltukhivskyy
  • Y.V. Tyschenko
  • O.V. Bogomaz
  • G.S. Moskovko
Keywords: gait spatial parameters, gait temporal parameters, age groups, gait, men


The purpose of the research was to determination of the basic spatio-temporal parameters usual gait in freely chosen rate in adolescent and youth men. The study was carried out using an automated system GAITRite. In a study on a voluntary basis was attended by students of the Vinnitsa Medical College. We investigated 88 practically healthy men 13-21 years (mean age w as 17,03±1,25 years), who were divided into two age groups: adolescent and youth men. Studied at the time of the investigation had no injuries and denied the existence of diseases that could affect the formation of the normal gait act. They carried out two runs on the track GAITRite in freely chosen rate. The following parameters of gait were determined: Step Length, Stride Length, Step/Extremity Ratio, Toe In/Toe Out, H-H Base of Support, Velocity, Step Time, Gait Cycle, Cadence, Single Support, Double Support, Swing Time, Distance. "Normality" walk confirmed by integral index of gait "normality" (Functional Ambulation Profile - FAP).

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Moroz, V., Yoltukhivskyy, M., Tyschenko, Y., Bogomaz, O., & Moskovko, G. (2017). Spatio-temporal parameters of gait in adolescent and youth men. Reports of Vinnytsia National Medical University, 19(1), 6-11. Retrieved from