Development and use of the modified Saburo medium for the isolation of Candida strains from biological material from patients

  • J.V. Sоbkоvа
  • A.A. Frantsishko
  • G.V. Filonenko
  • M.O. Rosada
  • A.I. Mihienkova
Keywords: candidiasis, fungi Candida species, isolate, Sabouraud medium.


In the detection of clinically important yeasts, the traditional use of Sabouraud medium for microbial isolation from the clinical specimens from the wards patients of multidisciplinary hospital often leads to false-negative results. There was a 10.8%-increase of yeast isolates if we used the complemented with yeast extract modified Sabouraud medium compared to classic Sabouraud medium. The use of modified Sabouraud medium could also significantly reduce time (1-2 days) required for the process of yeasts identification.


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