Possibilities ofminiinvasive surgery in pancreatic pseudocysttreatment

  • O.E. Kanikovsky
  • I.V. Pavlyk
Keywords: pancreatic pseudocyst, cystogastrostomy


The analysis of treatment of 112 patients with pancreatic pseudocyst during 2000-2016 years. Сyst communication with pancreatic duct was indication for local resection of pancreas by Frey-Izbitski (5); cystic pancreatic neoplasm - resection methods (5); complications of chronic pancreatitis, large pancreatic cysts with verified sequestration - internal decompression of cysts - open cystoeyuno anastomosis excluded by Roux loop (43); medium-sized and small cysts with no visible sequestration in the presence of anatomical features, as well as the presence of concomitant GSD - Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy (6); Pancreatic abscess - external drainage of abscess (12); giant cysts of the pancreas - internal - external drainage (20); not stable patient with high risk comorbidity - endoscopic cystogastrostomy (2).

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